Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Catcat Platform.Catcat is provided by Guangzhou Hanfei Network Technology Co., Ltd.The Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is the legal terminology used in the agreement between you and Guangzhou Hanfei Network Technology Co., Ltd(our company name) when you use our company’s Application Catcat (“APP”).

When you visit the Terms of Use drafted by Catcat, please read this Privacy Policy carefully, which will inform you how Catcat uses and manages your data. This is very important to you. Here are the topics we will cover:

1. What information is collected by us and how do we collect it?

2. What do we do with the collected information and with whom do we share it?

3. How can you review and update your information?

4. How do we ensure the protection of your information security?

Full legal provisions:

How to properly use your demographic data is a major concern for social network users, so we at Catcat have drafted this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to help you understand how we use your personal information (“Personal Demographic Data”) or “Personal Information”. Our Policy applies to your use of the Catcat APP. It is recommended that you read our Terms of Use (“Terms”) carefully. When you visit or use Catcat, you are deemed to have agreed to our Privacy Policy and are willing to abide by it regarding the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information. Catcat reserves the right to change the terms of this policy at any time and is not responsible for any errors. Please review this policy regularly to stay informed about how we use your information. By installing, using, registering or otherwise accessing our services, you agree to this Privacy Policy and explicitly and consciously consent to the processing of your data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept and agree to our Privacy Policy, you must not visit or use this website. Catcat User Information To join Catcat, you must complete our online registration form, where we will ask you to provide information about yourself such as name, gender, date of birth and location details. You may also provide other details about yourself, but these are optional. By controlling your user information, you can visit your profile page at any time for more information and occasionally log in to Catcat to modify or update your information (except gender).

What information does Catcat collect?

After creating a personal profile, you can adjust your gender, date of birth and other details. In addition, we automatically obtain some data, such as your IP address, device details (model, system, MCC), and time zone. We also collect information related to mobile service providers and networks (4G/3G/WIFI). To ensure your security and get the best user experience, we ask you to verify your account (to make sure you are not a robot!) and provide a phone number. Don’t worry! This is only used to confirm your real identity! We will not use your phone number for marketing purposes, it is only provided when you submit your Catcat account. When using our services, you need to explicitly authorize the use of your Mac and mobile phone cameras, and upload any log file information. This information helps improve the accuracy of reports and services.

How do we use your information?

In addition to the specific uses described in this Privacy Policy, we may use the information we receive to:Help you access your information after you register; Remember information so you can download it during your visit or the next time you visit without having to reload it; Provide, improve, test and monitor the effectiveness of our Services; Develop and test new products and features; Monitor metrics such as total number of visitors, traffic and demographics; Diagnose or fix technical problems; Automatically update the Catcat App on your device so you can receive comparisons, special offers or other events on the Services (“Events”)

What does Catcat do if I post other information about me on Catcat?

Catcat is designed to make it easy for you to find, contact and interact with other users of Catcat by posting relevant information about yourself. When using the App, you should be aware that anything you post or submit will be publicly viewable and accessible to App users and non-App users. You can turn this feature off at any time during the setup process. You can also use our instant messaging feature. This feature allows you to communicate with other users. We recommend and encourage you (and all of our users) to carefully consider any relevant information you disclose. We still recommend that you include your email address, website address, instant messaging details, phone number, full name or address, credit card details, ID number, driver verification details and other easily accessible sensitive information in your personal information. Please be careful not to post sensitive details about you in your profile, such as your religious beliefs and health details. However, you can voluntarily create a profile and we will provide you with such information, including your sexual orientation and ethnic background, but you do not have to do so. Remember that editing the photos or any videos you post on Catcat may reveal these types of sensitive data. If you upload and choose to tell us about sensitive information about you, you explicitly agree that we will process your information and disclose it to other users. When you post or share information about yourself or others, you share the information entirely at your own risk. If you post anything that violates our Terms of Use, we will retain all rights to your account. Remember that when you register on a Catcat partner site, you also provide us with your personal information, so we recommend that you read their privacy policies because Catcat cannot control how they use your information. If you register on our partner site or verify your account through a partner site, we may link your Catcat profile with your profile on the partner site. We can achieve this through our unexpected new products and application processes, including dynamic new products from our group companies.

Does Catcat collect additional personal information about my friends and contacts?

You can invite your friends to join Catcat to ensure that they can also enjoy the benefits of becoming new friends. To make it easier to search and find friends and experts on Catcat, users can search other users through Catcat. If you want to invite your friends and contacts to join Catcat, we will invite you to send you Catcat, or you can send messages to your friends and contacts (if you use our Android or iPhone applications) to encourage them to sign up for Catcat.

Data Storage Catcat is a global social application that operates in many countries around the world. If you live in a country with data protection laws, then your data storage may not be subject to the same protection as in your country of residence. By transferring your personal information or upgrading the services you use or using the applications provided by Catcat, you consent to the transfer of your personal information to any country or destination and the storage and processing of your personal information there.

Security Measures

How does Catcat protect my personal information?

Catcat has implemented reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect and prevent the error, misuse or alteration of the information under our control, including your personal information. Catcat uses reasonable security measures to protect the confidentiality of your personal information, such as the use of firewall security devices. At Catcat, we focus on technology to ensure that you are safe when using our website. We have taken all possible precautions to prevent possible security breaches in our website, member data storage and records. However, without the website or Internet transmission, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, intrusion by unauthorized users, data loss or other breaches will never occur. We encourage you to take measures to protect the security of your personal information (including your password) and register your account after use. We cannot guarantee the security of your data when it is transmitted to our website. Any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will implement procedures and security features to prevent unauthorized access

How can I help keep my information safe?

You may not disclose your password to any third party or share your password with any third party. If you forget or leak your password, your personal information may be compromised. If such an event occurs, please report it to the support department immediately. You must change your password immediately through the “Settings” page.

How do you delete your account

You can delete your account within the app by tapping Setting – Removing account. After the deletion of your account,your personal information will be removed from Catcat.

Account Removal Policy

1、An overview of the functionality:

The removal account function allows you to permanently close your account, remove your personal information, and disconnect from the platform.

2、Describe this feature.

Permanent operation: Removing an account is an irreversible operation. Once executed, your personal data will be permanently removed and cannot be restored later.

3、Protect privacy: During the account removal process, the platform needs to completely remove your personal information in order to protect your user privacy.

4、Data removal: When you remove your account, the platform will immediately remove your history, other related data, and personal information.

5、Service disconnection: If your account is associated with other services or platforms, the account removal function will ensure that your association with these services is also terminated at the same time.

How to Contact Us

If you encounter any problems while using our products or services, please feel free to contact our official customer service team. We will provide immediate support and assistance to ensure your experience is smooth.

You can contact us via email at: